The Review of Contemporary Fiction

Review of Contemporary Fiction

  • Jim Neilson, “Dirtying Our Hands: An Introduction to the Fiction of Richard Powers”
  • Jim Neilson, “An Interview with Richard Powers”
  • James Hurt, “Narrative Powers: Richard Powers as Storyteller”
  • Greg Dawes, “The Storm of Progress: Richard Powers’s Three Farmers
  • Joseph Dewey, “Hooking the Nose of the Leviathan: Information, Knowledge, and the Mysteries of Bonding in The Gold Bug Variations
  • Trey Stecker, “Ecologies of Knowledge: The Encyclopedic Narratives of Richard Powers and His Contemporaries”
  • Ann Pancake, ” ‘TheWheel’s Worst Illusion’ “: The Spatial Politics of Operation Wandering Soul
  • Sharon Snyder, “The Gender of Genius: Scientific Experts and Literary Amateurs in the Fiction of Richard Powers”
  • Charles B. Harris, ” ‘The Stereo View’: Politics and the Role of the Reader in Gain”
  • A Richard Powers Checklist
  • Sinda Gregory, “Finding a Language: Introducing Rikki Ducornet”
  • Sinda Gregory and Larry McCaffery, “At the Heart of Things and Wild Beauty: An Interview with Rikki Ducornet”
  • Rikki Ducornet, “The Death Cunt of Deep Dell”
  • Rikki Ducornet, “Excerpts from Five Novels”
  • Raymond Leslie Williams, “Ducornet and Borges”
  • Allen Guttmann, “Rikki Ducornet’s Tetralogy of Elements: An Appreciation”
  • Richard Martin, ” ‘The Tantalizing Prize’: Telling the Telling of The Fountains of Neptune
  • Giovanna Covi, “Gender Derision, Gender Corrosion, and Sexual Differences in Rikki Ducornet’s Materialist Eden”
  • Lynne Diamond-Nigh, “Phosphor in Dreamland”
  • Warren Motte, “Desiring Words”
  • A Rikki Ducornet Checklist
  • Books Received
  • Annual Index

1998, Vol. XVIII, #3 Richard Powers/Rickki Ducornet, Review of Contemporary Fiction (Book 3), Dalkey Archive Press ISBN-13: 978-1564781925

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