Powers’s longtime French translator, Jean-Yves Pellegrin, has won the Prix Maurice-Edgar Coindreau for his translation of Powers’s latest novel, Orfeo.  The award is given annually for an outstanding translation of a work of American fiction or non-fiction.

Three Richard Powers novels are listed in the Washington Post’s crowd-sourced list, “Beach Reading for the Music Lover,” May 31, 2016.

Powers’s Greek translator talks about the challenges and rewards of turning Orfeo into Greek, in a post called “The Gem,” in Lexilogia, November 30, 2015.

Orfeo made the the longlist for the 2016 International Dublin Literary Award, “International Dublin Literary Award longlist announced,” The Irish Times, November 9, 2015. “The prize could, finally, witness the long over due emergence of Richard Powers nominated here for a dazzling puzzle, Orfeo.”

“Classical Connections: Fiction for Music Lovers,” by Liam Cagney, Sinfini Music, November 5, 2015. “Walking the line between highbrow and thriller … it’s hard to deny that Orfeo’s an appealing read for musicophiles.”

“11 Musical Novels that Hit All the Right Notes,” a list including Orfeo by Emma Volk, Off the Shelf, September 1, 2015. “This creative and cerebral novel reaches a soaring crescendo when the musical fugitive dreams up a plan to turn his collision with the security state into a transformative work of art.”

Pat Leach looks at “Orfeo: A Novel” by Richard Powers on All About Books, net Radio (Nebraska PBS), August 2015.

“Book Review: Orfeo,” by Steve Donoghue, Open Letters Monthly, August 2015. “… although Time magazine has never announced him the Great American Novelist, he’s got a better claim to the title than any other writer in the country. When he dream-adapts some mythic source material, the result will always be worth intense scrutiny, even, Read More

“Summer reading: popular science and ‘lab lit’: An idiosyncratic selection of science-themed books for the summer,” Nature, June 30, 2105. The Nature Methods editorial office recommends Orfeo and Generosity: An Enhancement among their books to enjoy this summer.

Richard Powers has won the 2014 Northern California Book Award in the fiction category for Orfeo.

Orfeo was named one of two books for the California Book Awards fiction prize.

“Dangerous Sounds,” review of Orfeo by Lara Buxbaum, Aerodrome, March 2015. The careful structuring of the novel shows Powers’s compositional genius…. My copy of the book is filled with post-it notes where I’ve marked lines which seemed to sing, awed by Powers’s mastery at the level of the sentence….