In the “SFCV Beach Blanket Bibliography,” the San Francisco Classical Voice gives summer reading recommendations with books featuring a musical theme and includes Powers’s The Gold Bug Variations. July 12, 2016.

Film Independent announced that a production grant was awarded to Mark Levinson for development of a feature film based on Richard Powers’s novel The Gold Bug Variations.

Three Richard Powers novels are listed in the Washington Post’s crowd-sourced list, “Beach Reading for the Music Lover,” May 31, 2016.

Writer-director Mark Levinson has been awarded the Sundance Institutute/Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship for his adaptation of Richard Powers’s novel The Gold Bug Variations. The award recognizes “the most promising new independent films about science and technology.”

Writer/Director Mark Levinson (Particle Fever) is working on a new project: a script based on Powers’s novel The Gold Bug Variations. It was was selected for the Sundance Institute 2016 January Screenwriters Lab. Levinson’s adaptation of The Gold Bug Variations also won the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship.

A film of Richard Powers’s novel The Gold Bug Variations is in the works by Mark Levinson, director of the acclaimed documentary “Particle Fever.”  In this interview by Steve Newall from The Flicks Interviews, July 16, 2014, Levinson says, when asked what he’s thinking about doing next: I’m really interested in exploring the art/ science overlap more,, Read More

The Musical Novel: Imitation of Musical Structure, Performance, and Reception in Contemporary Fiction, by Emily Petermann (Camden House, May 2014). The Musical Novel builds upon theories of intermediality and semiotics to analyze the musical structures, forms, and techniques in two groups of musical novels, which serve as case studies. The first group imitates an entire musical, Read More

“Music in the Fiction of Richard Powers,” thesis by Pim Verheyen, Universiteit Antwerpen (2012). Using The Gold Bug Variations and The Time of Our Singing, Verheyen examines “the narrative strategies Richard Powers employs to include music in his literary works. Powers does not only incorporate biographical elements of composers in order to link his, Read More

“Literary variations on Bach’s Goldberg,” article by W. Wolf in The Modern Language Review 105(3):625-640 · July 2010. “This paper takes several fictional adaptations of Bach’s Goldberg Variations to explore various modes through which musical form has been adapted in modern literature. Novels by Nancy Huston, Thomas Bernhard, Richard Powers, and Gabriel Josipovici provide four different models for, Read More

“The Prodigious Fiction of Richard Powers, William Vollmann, and David Foster Wallace,” by Tom LeClair, Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 38, no. 1 (Fall 1996). “Powers, Vollmann, and Wallace deserve essays of their own. I have chosen to treat them and their most remarkable novels—The Gold Bug Variations (1991), You Bright and Risen Angels (1987),, Read More

“We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder.” Grand Street 10.1 (Winter, 1991): 182. Excerpt from Gold Bug Variations.

What Is the Meaning of Life?,” a review of The Gold Bug Variations, by Paul Gray, Time, September 2, 1991. ALSO: Time named The Gold Bug Variations its #1 novel for 1991.