“Summer reading: popular science and ‘lab lit’: An idiosyncratic selection of science-themed books for the summer,” Nature, June 30, 2105. The Nature Methods editorial office recommends Orfeo and Generosity: An Enhancement among their books to enjoy this summer.

Generosity, reviewed by Paul Kinkaid in Strange Horizons, November 22, 2010. Good books, the really good ones that you want to proclaim from the rooftops, to thrust at strangers and insist for their own good that they read them, tend to come in two varieties. There are those that make you read faster and, Read More

“Wake Up and Dream,” a review of Generosity: An Enhancement, by Michael Dirda, New York Review of Books, January 14, 2010. “Richard Powers’s tenth novel may be his breeziest. This is welcome news for readers who have hitherto shied away from this formidable writer, so often dubbed a brainiac and polymath, a Thomas Mann of, Read More

Studio 360 audio interview with Kurt Andersen, October 23, 2009, with a focus on Generosity.