“Richard Powers’ ‘Orfeo’ explores art and surveillance in the information age: A retired composer wrongly becomes public enemy No. 1 in lightning speed in Richard Powers’ moving ‘Orfeo.’” A review by David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times, January 16, 2014. Powers integrates these bits of narrative deftly, like the interweaving of a million strands of DNA. Yet, Read More

Orfeo reviewed by Keith Staskiewicz, Entertainment Weekly, January 15, 2014. Powers’ writing is complex and heady without being headachy, and his synesthetic descriptions of finding melodies in the mundane are full of their own kind of music.

“‘Orfeo’ author captures myriad emotions in the early ’70s,” by Rob Cline, The Gazette, January 12, 2014. “Orfeo” is beautiful, challenging, and haunting, a composition that captures a period of time while hinting at timelessness.

Review of Orfeo, by Harvey Freedenberg, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, January 11, 2014. “Orfeo” is that rare novel truly deserving of the label “lyrical.” Powers’ gorgeous and deeply felt writing about music sent me back to Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony and introduced me to Steve Reich’s “Proverb.” This is an ambitious work of broad scope and big ideas, like most, Read More

“Anywhere, Nowhere, Elsewhere, Everywhere: Music takes us beyond time  in Richard Powers’ Orfeo.” by Scott Korb, Slate, January 10, 2014. …Orfeo is a first-class American road novel…[In] this retelling of the Orpheus myth Powers also manages enchantment—or, re-enchantment, if you, like so many of us, believe the world today needs that…[Over] his career Powers has shown himself to be a, Read More

Sunday Book Review of Orfeo  in the New York Times, by Jim Holt, January 10, 2014. “Powers is prodigiously talented…  He writes lyrical prose, has a seductive sense of wonder and is an acute observer of social life…   I [was] unable to resist the emotional pull of Orfeo…  I [picked] it up eagerly each day and [found], Read More

Review of Orfeo, by Troy Jollimore, Chicago Tribune, January 9, 2014. Powers is the uncommon author who can write a novel of ideas in which the ideas do not compete with but rather enhance the emotional urgency of the proceedings. And “Orfeo” benefits from the deep sympathy Powers seems to feel for the brilliant and troubled protagonist he, Read More

Orfeo in the top ten list of books published in January 2014 that librarians across the country love,  LibraryReads, January 2014. “Experimental music and genetic engineering? Heady stuff indeed, but what is most remarkable about this thought-provoking journey is how intensely it makes you feel about human creativity, experience, and the enigmatic fugitive Peter Els, whose, Read More

“’Wonderfully Strange’ World of Richard Powers,” a review of Orfeo by Tim Peters, Publisher’s Weekly, December 6, 2013. In fact, it’s difficult to think of a contemporary novelist as well versed in science as Powers—and it’s difficult to think of a novelist as gifted at rendering the poetry of science, and the wonder of the scientific imagination,, Read More

Generosity, reviewed by Paul Kinkaid in Strange Horizons, November 22, 2010. Good books, the really good ones that you want to proclaim from the rooftops, to thrust at strangers and insist for their own good that they read them, tend to come in two varieties. There are those that make you read faster and, Read More

“Tim Adams enjoys the marriage of chemistry and mystery in Richard Powers’s story of a geneticist, a writer and the search for the happiness gene” in his review of Generosity, in The Observer, January 16, 2010.

“Wake Up and Dream,” a review of Generosity: An Enhancement, by Michael Dirda, New York Review of Books, January 14, 2010. “Richard Powers’s tenth novel may be his breeziest. This is welcome news for readers who have hitherto shied away from this formidable writer, so often dubbed a brainiac and polymath, a Thomas Mann of, Read More