Patricia Rooney blogs about Orfeo in The Bowed Bookshelf, February 24, 2014. I always receive news of a new Powers novel with excitement. I think to enjoy his novels you must just allow yourself to be led, just for a little while. He is telling you a story that requires you to make connections. Powers has, Read More

Orfeo is reviewed by Jeff Alford for, February 17, 2014. Richard Powers has been writing since the late 1980s and is criminally underrated: he is a master of real-life science fiction and responsible for some of the most ambitious and erudite novels of contemporary literature. … Orfeo reads like music; Powers has a staggering command, Read More

“Orfeo: A literary high-wire act with a powerful meditation on music, musical history and music in history at its core,” by Beth Kingsley, Washington Independent Review of Books, February 14, 2014. This novel’s impressive depth emerges from the interplay of disparate elements, not one of which easily represents the whole. But together, they create an engaging, challenging and, Read More

Kirk McElhearn review Orfeo in his blog, Kirkville, February 12, 2014. I await each new novel with impatience, as he has one of the most fascinating voices in modern fiction. … [If] you care about music, you’ll want to read Orfeo. Even if you don’t like classical music, you’ll find a taut thriller, interspersed with reflections on art. Either, Read More

“The Astonishing Power of Richard Powers: How a conversation with the legendary writer inspired me to reconsider technology, culture, family, everything,” by Andrew Leonard, Salon, February 9, 2014.  Andrew Leonard’s father, the late John Leonard, wrote “The Novels of Richard Powers,” an essay that can be found in the book Lonesome Rangers: Homeless Minds, Promised Lands, Fugitive Cultures (The, Read More

“Bioterrorism manhunt ensues after composer’s work is terribly misunderstood in Richard Powers’ ‘Orfeo’ (review),” by Yvonne Zipp, mLive, February 4, 2014. [A]n an early front-runner for my favorite novel of 2014 … “Orfeo” easily ranks among Powers’ best novels. … Powers is a notably brainy writer, but “Orfeo” isn’t chilly or cerebral. The characters have a warmth, Read More

The Music of Big Questions,” a review of Orfeo by Nathaniel Rich, New York Review of Books, February 20, 2014. Richard Powers has equal claim to being the most forward-looking American novelist and the most old-fashioned. What is old-fashioned is his unabashed desire to write novels that are, in their essence, philosophical. His novels tend to possess, Read More

Orfeo is BookPage’s Book of the Day for January 31, 2014. Associated review: “ORFEO: Dead dog and a man on the run,” review by Arlene McKanic, BookPage, January 20, 2014. “Orpheo is a haunting book.”

“Quartet For The End Of Time: Richard Powers’ Orfeo,” by Jeff Maehre, inStash, January 30, 2014. Orfeo is a heady and welcome exploration of artistic ambition and the anguish to which one must subject himself to be a true artist.  It braces the reader with the big questions, while presenting a compelling main character toward whom, Read More

“With ‘Orfeo,’ Richard Powers Turns in a Virtuoso Performance,” by Cari Wade Gervin, Metro Pulse, January 29, 2014. [Orfeo] is at its heart a poignant meditation on aging, and on what remains after we are gone. … it’s something fresh and magical, a swan dive into the meaning of music. … The entire novel, in fact, is full, Read More

“Composing a Life: On Richard Powers’s Orfeo,” by J. Greg Phelan, The Millions, January 29, 2014. …[A] glorious abundance of what Powers does best. … cerebral, provocative, but also moving tour-de-force … Powers drives the narrative with a propulsive immediacy … Orfeo is brilliant….

Richard Powers’s Urgent “Orfeo” — Can Art Save Us?,” by Eric Grunwald, The Arts Fuse, January 27, 2014. As with any Richard Powers novel, when you finish “Orfeo” you will have no doubt you are alive, awake, and likely ready to start over at page one.