“The Astonishing Power of Richard Powers: How a conversation with the legendary writer inspired me to reconsider technology, culture, family, everything,” by Andrew Leonard, Salon, February 9, 2014.  Andrew Leonard’s father, the late John Leonard, wrote “The Novels of Richard Powers,” an essay that can be found in the book Lonesome Rangers: Homeless Minds, Promised Lands, Fugitive Cultures (The, Read More

“Richard Powers on the power of music to wake us up,” Q&A with Ron Charles, Washington Post, January 31, 2014. It’s impossible to read this exciting book without constantly setting it aside and tracking down the modern and contemporary pieces that Powers discusses so richly in these pages. … While getting ready for his book tour, Powers, Read More

“Novelist Richard Powers Explores Post-9/11 Paranoia,” by Ross Reynolds and Amina Al-Sadi. A radio interview with Ross Reynolds, talking about Orfeo, from KUOW, Puget Sound public radio station (Seattle).

Audio interview of Richard Powers by Nancy Pearl at Town Hall Seattle, January 29, 2014.

Podcast of Richard Powers in conversation with Michael Silverblatt, host of KCRW’s “Bookworm.” Aloud, Los Angeles Public Library, January 28, 2014.

Kerri Miller from Minnesota Public Radio interviews Richard Powers about Orfeo, January 28, 2014, on the show The Daily Circuit. [Direct link to audio interview]

“Music, DNA and our culture of fear,” an audio interview of Richard Powers by Jeff Schechtman, Specific Gravity, January 27, 2014. We have all had the experience of hearing a familiar and likable piece of music from a long time ago. Suddenly the music short circuits time and makes yesterdays events, today’s reality. It’s as if, Read More

Richard Wolinsky interviews Richard Powers about Orfeo for Bookwaves, January 23, 2014. SPOILER ALERT! Do not listen to this until you’re ready to hear about the book’s surprises! Direct link to the mp3

“Richard Powers: A Musical Theory of Everything,” an audio interview with Christopher Lydon for Radio Open Source, January 23, 2014. Richard Powers is indulging us in a runaway riff on music, in a little room in the Boston Athenaeum, on the top of Beacon Hill, overlooking the Old Granary Burying Ground, after a marvelous reading, Read More

“Richard Powers: The Powells.com Interview,” by Jill Owens, January 6, 2014. “If everyone got to talk to Richard Powers for 45 minutes, humanity might go ahead and evolve to its next level. Unfailingly kind and generous, passionate and fiercely intelligent, Powers is as remarkable to speak with as he is a writer.”

“Dialogue d’écrevains – Bruno Latour et Rchard Powers,” at Assises Internationales du Roman (AIR), May 28, 2013, Lyon, France (in French). Powers and French sociologist Bruno Latour were featured at the International Forum on the Novel, which is held each year by Villa Gillet and Le Monde, in partnership with Les Subsistances and France Inter.

SAR Interview: Richard Powers, by Katharine Schwab, after his reading of short story “Saints Hill,” given at the Cemex Auditorium, Stanford University, on February 13, 2013.