Tim Martin of the UK’s Telegraph picks his favorite books of the year.  “Christmas Books 2014: best fiction to read: Forget Amis, McEwan and the Booker winner — these are the best novels of 2014,” by Tim Martin, The Telegraph, November 23, 2104.

Richard Powers’s Orfeo mixed forbidding current themes – bio-hacking, the American politics of fear – with the passion for classical music that has been latent in his work since The Time of Our Singing, and was the best thing he’s done in years.



Orfeo made the Washington Post’s list of top 50 fiction books of 2014, “The Top 50 Fiction Books for 2014,” Washington Post, November 20, 2014.


Review of Orfeo by J. Wadsworth, Oxford Culture Review, November 17, 2014.

Powers manages to please lovers of classical music without losing a wider appeal. Whatever the audience, Orfeo remains highly accessible, amusing and surprisingly moving.