“Finisterre,” review of Orfeo by Stephen J. Burn, American Book Review, Volume 35, Number 4, May/June 2014.

Along the way there are plenty of signature Powers moments to enjoy: virtuoso reflections on music…, sudden parallactic jumps…, and a vertiginous shift in perspective at the novel’s end…. What’s remarkable about the music of a Powers novel is the way that it constantly shuttles between different intellectual registers.


Orfeo is discussed, along with Us Conductors, in an article by Martha Anne Toll, “Two recent novels explore the subersive power of music,” Washington Independent Review of Books, October 7, 2014.

In Orfeo, Powers employs historical reality as well. Every musical reference is real. … In addition to the novel’s deep dive through 20th-century classical composition, every page, every paragraph vibrates with lush musical terminology in service to the plot. … Orfeo is gorgeous….



The American Booksellers Association listed Orfeo on its “September 2014 Indie Next List Great Reads.”  (The hardcover was listed in February.)

Orfeo was also included as “Another Indie Favorite” among paperback fiction titles for the week of September 25, 2014.