ΦBK, the national academic honor society, has named Orfeo as one of its Top 14 Books of 2014.

Readers with in-depth knowledge of music theory and history, as well as those with only a casual interest, will surely find much to admire about this novel. In Orfeo, Powers has created a work that functions as a testament to the beauty and power of great fiction as well as great music.


Orfeo one of four favorites of 2014 in “4 Books That Stuck with Us,” by Katie Dvorak, Washington Independent Review of Books, January 1, 2015.

This profound, intelligent, and moving story of a man’s retrospective on his ambition, love of music, and failures at love is stretched over the taught frame of a plot driven, seemingly improbably, by bioterrorism accusations and the omniscience of a police state.  If that sounds like a lot to cram into one novel, it is — and Powers succeeds at every stroke.



Orfeo was one of seven other notable novels published in 2014 in “The 2014 Novel of the Year,” by Nathaniel Rich, The Daily Beast, December 29, 2014.