Orfeo among nine fiction books chosen as the top of 2014 in “Pick of the Page-Turners,” by James Kidd, South China Morning Post,  December 20, 2014,

Avant-garde music, bio-terrorism, family dysfunction and the rise of Twitter: these are the threads Richard Powers weaves into a tapestry portraying the last half century of American history. Cerebral and emotional, the novel builds to a tender and unforgettable conclusion.



Orfeo is picked as one of the year’s best by James Bradley, author and critic, describing it as a “virtuosic riff on terror, Twitter and classical music,” in “Authors and critics select their best books of the year,” by Stephen Romei, The Australian, December 20, 2014.


Orfeo was one of 30 novels on the Booklist Editors’ Choice List for 2014, December 18, 2014.

Powers makes art that challenges rather than reassures, rendering life in a way that seems both familiar and alien.