“Dangerous Sounds,” review of Orfeo by Lara Buxbaum, Aerodrome, March 2015.

The careful structuring of the novel shows Powers’s compositional genius…. My copy of the book is filled with post-it notes where I’ve marked lines which seemed to sing, awed by Powers’s mastery at the level of the sentence….


Richard Powers appears in “Influenced By: A Survey of Writers on Contemporary Writers,” featured in The Believer, February 6, 2015, by Jaimie Clarke.  Clarke asked a group of writers “which living, contemporary writers held the most influence of their work.”  Weston Cutter cited Richard Powers and offered his thoughts.

Here’s the best way I know to think about the work of Richard Powers—a body of work which stretches over now nearly thirty years and eleven books: while his books are classified as novels they are, all of them, longings, and the longing each novel enacts has to do with how we connect with and apprehend anything like meaning in the world. … This is the object of the longing throughout all Powers’s books: some way to solve for the mystery of being alive, for the glory and horror and awe of existence. ….